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Design meets technology


We specialize in the design of user friendly and lightweight suppressors with high suppression rate that retain the balance of the hunting rifle. 


The distinct Freyr & Devik design has been awarded with the esteemed Red Dot award. In addition to the aesthetic and user friendly qualities the design is highly effective when it comes to weight and robustness.


The silencers rear section is designed for maximum strength while the front part is designed for minimum weight. An example hereof is the encapsulation, which increases and decreases in both wall thickness and diameter according to pressure and heat load. This is also reflected in the internal structure and choice of materials for the various parts. This design is also essential to place the center of gravity behind the muzzle, which increases the handleability and reduces the experienced weight. 

To achieve this we optimized the material distribution using of advanced CAD tools. Material selection is also of vital importance. We therefore use high-strength aerospace aluminum with 35 μm hard anodizing for the housing, baffle stack and baffle stack tube, and Grade 5 titanium in the more critical parts as the core and thread. The result is a construction that is both light, strong and heat tolerant.

Yet an another unique design feature is the parabolic structure at the front. Here we have raised the exit hole 3 mm towards the focus point of the parabola so that it reflects forward sound waves that otherwise would hit the shooter. The raised exit hole also reduces water entry when hunting in rain. Water entering a fouled  suppressor may lead to crystal formation.


Another user benefit is the two-part encapsulation that allows the silencer, if used properly, to be opened easily without tools. Not only does this make them easy to maintain and clean, but also allows for other unique benefits like fast cooldown between series at the shooting range and fast drying time after shooting or after hunting in rainy weather. This way you can store the suppressor on the rifle and still avoid corrosion. 

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Our silencers utilize Grade 5 Titanium on the thread and the core of the high-pressure chamber. Here, the temperature can exceed the melting point of aluminum. The superior characteristics of Titanium in terms of weight, strength and temperature resistance is therefore essential to create a light, robust and long lasting silencer. We use high-strength aerospace aluminum with 35 μm hard anodizing on the parts that are less exposed to heat, such as the encapsulation, baffle stack, and baffle stack tube. This is a material with a superior relation between strength and weight, which enables a very light but strong construction.

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