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passion for nature

Freyr and Devik is the result of a lifelong passion for hunting, wilderness and nature.


Our suppressors are tailor made for hunting -  designed and inspired by experienced hunters.

That's why we specialize in the design of user friendly and lightweight suppressors with high suppression rate, that retain the balance of the hunting rifle. 


Our opinion is that a good sound suppressor is vital for a good hunting and nature experience - both for the hunter and the surroundings

Our suppressors can be distinguished by the streamlined Freyr & Devik encapsulation that creates a natural affiliation with the aesthetic of a classic hunting rifle. As the only suppressor ever, the Freyr & Devik design is awarded with the esteemed Red Dot award. The unique construction balance the suppressor and allows it to glide better through dense vegetation than a pure cylindrical shape.  

Desigeners night-Offisielt bilde-01.jpg

 In addition to the aesthetic and user friendly qualities the design is highly effective when it comes to weight and robustness. The tapering shape with curved surfaces is a structure in which the strength is optimized.  A key quality when it comes to constructing extremely light but robust suppressors. 


Another unique feature of our suppressors is that they can be opened easily without tools. Not only does this make them easy to maintain and clean, but also allows for other unique benefits. Like fast cooldown between series at the shooting range. Fast drying after shooting or after hunting in rainy weather. This way you can store the suppressor on the rifle and still avoid corrosion.

Material is also of vital importance therefore we use 5 grade Titanium on the core and threads and high-strength aerospace aluminum with 35 μm hard anodizing for the housing, baffle stack and baffle stack tube in all our suppressors. 

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