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Freyr & Devik - is synonymous with efficient, elegant, and ultralight silencers. 


Form and function join to make a silencer that harmonizes with the classic lines of a hunting rifle. The distinct design is also highly functional, offering an unprecedented suppression to weight ratio and, at the same time, allowing the silencer to glide smoothly through dense vegetation.

The unique Freyr & Devik design is the first and, so far, the only silencer to be honored with the prestigious Red Dot design award.

While all our suppressors have different specialties, they are all molded on the same efficient design.

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WHIch silencer is best for me?

Stalking in grasslands is different from hunting deer in forests and rugged terrain.

The driven hunt of wild boar is different from posting of moose. Some people want a silencer built for maximum suppression and precision while others want a silencer designed for short response time and minimal impact on the weapon’s handling.

Although our silencers are versatile, they also have their specialties. 



The Featherweight line

Our well known and affordable Featherweight series offers silencers for every occasion.

A unique feature of our Featherweight suppressors is that they can be opened easily without tools. Not only does this make them easy to maintain and clean, but also allows for other unique benefits. Like fast cooldown between series at the shooting range. Fast drying after shooting or after hunting in rainy weather. This way you can store the suppressor on the rifle and still avoid corrosion.

Material is also of vital importance therefore we use 5 grade Titanium on the core and threads and high-strength aerospace aluminum with 35 μm hard anodizing for the housing, baffle stack and baffle stack tube in all our suppressors.

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The ultimate silence - 3d line

The Ultimate Silence 3D series with its 3D printed Grade 5 Titanium core, pushes silencer design into a new era.

It has an unique patent pending baffle design and utilize “selective laser sintering” technology in the core of the silencers. This allows for a new level of design freedom that can produce highly effective aerodynamic baffles in Titanium. 

The result is compact ultralight silencers with incomparable suppression to weight ratio. All the baffles are made of robust and wear resistant grade 5 Titanium.

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